Violence rising in Lae: Police


A TOTAL of 54 assaults were reported in Lae last week, Lae police commander Chief Supt Chris Kunyanban says.
“This is most unacceptable; violence is certainly on the rise in Lae city’s communities and settlements,” he said.
Chief Supt Kunyanban said victims should report the assaults directly to the police and not resort to pursing compensation.
“When people resort to compensation payment, it discourages police to enforce the law and it encourages people to continue with their violent ways, thus, disrupting public safety and peace.
“When people accept compensation without taking it up with the law, it simply means that people are viewing human life as not that important.”
Chief Insp Kunyanban cautioned the public that “it is a very serious matter that has to be brought before the courts, not the social media”.
“If you are to report the matter to police, then you have to provide evidence; courts do not accept evidence from social media but hard evidence as it has to be admissible in the court,” he said.