Violent robbery suspect acquitted of all charges

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A 34-YEAR-old man from Central province’s Baruni village was acquitted of armed robbery charges last Friday.
Magistrate Sinclair Gora said there was insufficient evidence against Tanti Koae.
Koae was a suspect because he had a conversation with the administration driver prior to the robbery.
“There was no evidence of intent to rob,” Mr Gora said.
The court heard that on Sept 23, a Curtain Brothers escort car was held up by armed robbers between Gabi village hill and Kanudi Mobile Depot and K119,850 was stolen.
Police then arrested Koae because he was the last person to converse via mobile phone with the Curtain Bros administrative driver and had knowledge of withdrawal of the money.
In his ruling, Mr Gora said the information provided by witnesses also lacked concrete evidence.
Alibis placed Mr Koae at his village at the time of the incident.
 “There is no slightest evidence of him being armed or using violence, therefore, this case is struck out and his bail money refunded,” Mr Gora said.
In another case, an Enga province couple appeared in court on a charge of wilful murder.
The court heard that Steven Tali and Maggi Tali, on Feb 10, killed Peter Kuia at Morata two in the NCD.
Both will be held in the Bomana Correctional Services while police put in a file. A hearing date was set for March 11.