Viral outbreak under control

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The National, Friday 23rd December 2011

THE meningococcal disease outbreak is under control, health experts confirmed yesterday.
City clinics and hospitals reported “zero” cases yesterday.
The National Department of Health and the Port Moresby General Hospital are monitoring the situation.
Since the first case was reported last week, they are continuing to get information from other health centres for assessment and to control  a possible outbreak.  
Hospital medical services director Dr David Mokela confirmed the situation to be stable, with no new incidences to the reported seven cases at the hospital.
“The figure (seven cases) that was reported remains as it is. No report of a new case today (yesterday) and the hospital is monitoring it since it was first reported last Tuesday,” he said.
He said there was not really an ‘outbreak’ because it was managed quickly as soon as it was reported to be contagious and deadly. 
The health department’s Enoch Posanai said: “The situation is stable and we are communicating with other health centres to get information as best as we can.”
He said the situation was not bad.
Three people have so far died from the disease, with four others hospitalised last week.
The meningococcal disease is caused by a virus and can affect the brain.
The disease is transmitted through contact with respiratory droplets of the nose and throat of an infected person. Symptoms include high fever and rashes.