Virus declining in China: Envoy


THE number of new coronavirus (Covid-19) deaths and infections is declining in China and the situation is turning for the better, the Chinese embassy in Port Moresby says.
During a donation of K100,000 by the Eastern Highlands government to China to help in its fight against coronavirus last week, Ambassador Xue Bing said that in the event of coronavirus entering PNG, China would come in to help in containing it. He said at the moment, China was doing everything it could to contain the spread of the virus and the majority of the cases were still in the Hubei province.
He said the number of new confirmed cases had been declining for two weeks.
More than 30,000 people were recovered and discharged.
“The overall confirmed cases is 78,000 at the moment, deaths toll is 2,700 but the suspected cases has been drastically reduced to 2,000,” Bing said. “The Chinese government has all the ability, determination and competence to contain and win the final battle against the virus.
“Unfortunately, in some other countries the numbers have been drastically increased.
“But according to World Health Organisation (WHO), there’s been no widespread community transmission outside China and it was only endemic and not pandemic.”
Bing said WHO experts had just completed their visit to China and were very encouraged by what the Chinese government has been doing.
“What China has done has saved a lot of time for other countries and we initially contained the virus inside our province, inside a city.
“So the people in that city, the people in that province has made a lot of sacrifice in order to contain the virus.
“What China has been doing is to stop the exports of the virus to other parts of the world which has been highly commended by the WHO experts.
“We have to believe in China and we will win the final battle against this coronavirus.
Bing said the fight against the diseases was national undertaking saw more than 30 medical staff from all parts of China into Wuhan including 3,000 from the military so the situation was getting better.