‘Virus will make poll ops tough’

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SECURITY operations for the national elections next year will be highly challenging given the increasing trend of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) delta variant cases, according to an official.
Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police, policy and planning, Dr Philip Mitna said security enforcement during the elections would be tough because the pandemic would cause restrictions.
He said police would be working with the provincial health authorities to minimise the impact of the Covid-19 on security operations.
“The Covid-19 will definitely affect the smooth flow of security operations during the elections,” he said.
Dr Mitna said the constabulary would brief Police Commissioner David Manning about the situation and consult the authorities.
He said police would be relying on the authorities for a better way to keep them safe to carry out operations. “We will work in consultancy with the aurthorities and the provincial police commanders on how we can manage the situation,” he said. Dr Mitna said police, the PNGDF and Correctional Services officers would work together for a safer and better election.