Vision 2050 heading for disaster

Letters, Normal

THE Somare Government’s Vision 2050 is on shaky grounds even before the starter’s gun has been fired as the Prime Minister is relying on the public service machinery to carry out the 40-year plan.
The current state of the public service is non-existence thanks to the public servants’ poor housing and salary packages.
With the LNG project expected to snatch a good number of high tech savvy public servants, the remainder are basically deadwood.
To add salt to injury; the Government has entered into another deal with InterOil for another LNG project!
Unless we have an independent, fully transparent and operational public service system in place, we will fall short of Vision 2050.
Unless the Government addresses the public servants’ issues in the new year, I expect a mass exodus of public servants to the private sector.
Many of my colleagues have been offered generous packages by the developers and firms linked to the LNG projects.
Many of them will leave for “greener pastures” and my fear is that the services we are providing to our people will deteriorate. – Michael Dokup Mt Hagen