Vision 2050 is bad Somare dream: Baing

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FORMER Markham MP Andrew Baing has described the Government’s Vision 2050 as a “bad Somare dream”.
 He said  he did  not see how it would change the lives of the people for the better.
He also described the “Lae Declaration”, signed by the provincial administrators who met last week on the National Strategic Plan and Vision 2050, as “a waste of public funds in a wasteful meeting”.
“The administrators should be concentrating on improving the delivery of services to the people in rural areas, not attending a wasteful meeting,” he said.
Mr Baing is a member of the People’s Progress Party, headed by former prime minister and New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan.
“I am contesting the 2012 general election and when we get into Government, we will throw out the Somare dream.
“If this is the Prime Minister’s present to the nation on the eve of his retirement from politics after 40 years, then we don’t need it.
“Ordinary Papua New Guineans want improved standard of life, money in their pockets to educate and look after their families and employment  for their children.
“Now women and men alike are selling betelnut and cigarettes to make ends meet.
“This is what the Prime Minister and his ministers fail to see,” he said.
“After 15 years in national politics, I can not see the nation moving forward with the National Alliance-led Government still in power,’’ Mr Baing said.