Vital to get rid of ghost names

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 18, 2011

THE 2011 National Census, to be conducted from July 11-17, is vital for the government as it prepares for the election next year.
It is good to learn provincial census coordinators have been advised to recruit knowledgeable individuals to conduct the census.
I would like to raise two important points before the census starts.
Ghost names (deceased) must be deleted from the electoral common roll and not used in next year’s general election.
Ghost names (extra names added) must not be for any particular candidate in the general election.
The current population is said to be around 6.7 million but it could have been 6.5 million because of ghost names.
These names were never deleted just to add extra votes for intending candidates, especially in the highlands region.
This is corruption and the winners will only undermine our democratic process if they choose to stick to such method.
I call on our provincial census coordinators to recruit individuals with integrity, who are trustworthy and free from corrupt practices.
Pastors or ministers of the Gospel should top the list as not only are they familiar with the people but more honest.
The way forward for PNG is to get rid of ghost names in the electoral common roll once and for all.


Jonah Dom
Port Moresby