Voice for Change using volleyball to give peace campaign a boost in highlands


THE Voice For Change (VFC)  Jiwaka  is  planning  to celebrate the 16 days of activism by campaigning for peace in the community.
It plans to involve 10 communities in North Waghi and Anglimp South Waghi districts in games of volleyball.
Human rights defender Mark Pokil said the 10 communities were Warawau, Jima, Berepka, Nol and Eka in Anglimp South Waghi.
The North Waghi communities are Bunum Wo, Sigri, Koskala, Malbanga, and KNK.
Pokil said the theme was: Peace in the homes to peace in the community. Make education safe for all.
“We want to ensure every member of the communities participate in the games,” he said.
“Whether they know how to play or not, all of them will play and feel part of the occasion.
“We  want to bring the message of peace to the community and educate  everyone  through sports to know that violence is wrong.
“We want to educate the men to realise that violence against women and girls is wrong.
“Accusing and abusing women and girls and the marginalised members of the community for sorcery is wrong.
“We want to advocate for peace at all levels.
“We  want  to  use  these 10 days to change mindsets of people in the most peaceful  and  respectful  ways.”
Advocate Leentje Kilipi said VFC will distribute 2500 T-shirts during the days of activities.