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I AM urging my fellow displaced Islanders, the people of Kadovar Island, who are sheltered at Dandan care centre in East Sepik not to stay silent.
Authorities will address your grievances or come to your aid if you raise your concerns about the daily challenges you face.
Your future is uncertain and you need to shift from humbleness and do something differently to attract government attention.
I am not suggesting a violent approach. Disclosure your pain and agony through the media.
This will ensure you are not forgotten by authorities.
Do not sit and expect miracles to happen.
Relevant agencies will only attend to your queries if you highlight your problems.
We your brothers and sisters, families and relatives residing elsewhere are willing to help but can’t do much as the government can’t entertain third party information.
Your hunger, intimidation, sexual harassment, sufferings and the daily hardship you face at the care centre will only be heard and addressed by relevant authorities if you yourselves stand up and voice it.
Ward councillors should not take this lightly.
Stand up and do something for the good of your people.
Please seek help from the mainstream media such as NBC radio and our two dailies so they can help you publish and air your concerns.
Expose those issues that need immediate solution to the provincial disaster committees, district development authority (DDA) and our local MPs.
The National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) is an organisation established by law.
There are two basic branches (divisions) of NDMO;

  • Reactive Branch – deals with rapid response and operations, for instance during evacuation phase from Kadovar to Ruprup Island and then relocation from Ruprup to Dandan care centre. This exercise has been covered well with no casualties; and,
  • Proactive Branch – deals with long term matters through research and analysis.

There is no proper research and analysis done to mitigate the current situation faced at care centres.
The NDMO’s role is to coordinate the management of disasters and emergencies in the country.
The actual duties of responses to emergencies or disasters are done by respective provincial authorities where the hazard or emergency takes place.
Both the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) and the Provincial Disaster Committees have the primary responsibility for implementing and coordinating the disaster counter measure activities before, during and after disaster and emergency situations.
Remember, the scale of Manam issue in Madang is bigger than yours.
Manam people are constantly fighting and appealing for government support to fast track their permanent resettlement.
We must have in mind that our country is facing a hard time.
The current trend is what comes and go by, will never come again, unless you send a reminder.
I appeal to the newly elected president for Wewak Island local level government to revisit the earlier plea made by the Kadovar leaders for an independent audit into the Kadovar Relief Bank Account set up by the East Sepik government.
Name: Kadovar Island Disaster Relief: Account Number: 7012180928. Bank: BSP, Wewak.

Hanam Bill Sandu
Concerned Islander

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