Volcano experience ‘worse than 1996’

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The noise of Manam Island volcanic eruption in Madang on Saturday was described by villagers as like that of a “jet aircraft”.
Lava and ash destroyed two homes at Kolang and seven at Bokure. Wells that were the main water source were covered in ash.
Iabu local-level government president Kenny Boli said the eruption was much worse than the one they had experienced in 1996. “We measured the thickness of the ash – it’s about 11cm,” he said.
Villager Lovelyn Muriki said the ash was so thick that at 8am, the area was still dark.
Officers from Government agencies, including the Defence Force and national disaster office, are on the ground assessing the damage and organising relief supplies.
Reports showed that only 382 out of the 4769 people affected had received relief supplies.
It is understood that the Madang government was arranging more food to be sent to the people on the island.
Manam is one of the active volcanoes, last erupting in April, last year.

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