Volunteers complete TB training

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The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 TWENTY-three volunteers in the Kombiu local level government in the Rabaul district, of East New Britain, have completed a two-day tuberculosis (TB) training.

The volunteers included youths, women, and community and church leaders.

Training was conducted at the LLG, with funding of K1,000 from the Kombiu LLG.

It was carried out under the TB programme by the public health unit in the province partnering with World Vision.

According to the Public Health Unit, the volunteers were trained as TB volunteers treatment supporters.

This is part of reducing the TB rate in the province and in the country as a global effort in the campaign against the disease.

It is understood the global target of cure rate is 85 per cent and Papua New Guinea is trying to reach that target.

The country, under the partnership with World Vision, is trying to achieve that by training more supporters to observe treatment in their communities and identify TB suspects.

The provincial health unit said some volunteers had been identified through the programme’s criteria.