Vote for change


THERE are two forces in this world, good and evil.
These forces have been in war since the dawn of time.
We have always been in the middle of that war.
We can either choose to hide or be part of the fight.
For far too long, we have been spectators on the chaos that has consumed our villages, towns, cities, electorates, provinces and country.
Good men have been hesitant to fight because of a flawed system that has continuously favoured criminals and warlords.
When is the right time to fight?
When is the right time to act?
Edmund Burke said “evil prevails when good men fail to act”.
I believe having the courage to act in the face of adversity is a calling only a few good men can answer.
Are you one of those few good men?
The great ancient civilisation of Egypt enslaved Israelites for 430 years until Mosses freed them.
Despite the doubts and challenges, it took one man’s courage and willingness to free the Israelites from slavery.
Let us take control of our destiny once and for all.
Let us get rid of corrupt bureaucrats, criminals and organised crime syndicates in next year’s national general election. We need good men to come forward and take a step in the right direction.
Let us make 2022 the beginning of the rest of our lives.
I was once a child.
But I am man now.
I am armed with my vote and ready to fight for my future

Prentice Kewanu