Vote for genuine leaders, not puppets

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013

 IT is very interesting to see how certain candidates have been conducting themselves during campaigning for the ongoing LLG elections. 

More interestingly, national politicians are coming out in support of these candidates. 

A classic example is a recent article by the Sports Minister and Port Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko, encouraging the  Motu-Koitabu people to vote for the right leaders. 

This raises a lot of questions on the minister’s motives and involvement in local level government. 

It is no secret that one of these candidates has  admitted in his speeches that he is sponsored by the minister.

This particular candidate has been advertising heavily in the media and even has a huge billboard of himself that can be clearly seen by the majority of Port Moresby residents. 

One wonders where this first-time candidate, a former administrator and not a businessman, got the kind of money to go out and campaign as if it were the national elections. 

It’s fairly clear that a lot of public money has been pumped into this candidate’s campaign. 

Both the minister and the candidate should be ashamed of themselves. 

By the way, we, the Motu-Koitabu people, are not blind to see the handler’s noose on his pet. 

Let us watch out for selfish candidates who are puffed up with pride, using the church structures and cheap words to entice voters, but who are secretly receiving large sums of money so that they can be puppets of their sponsors. 

On the other hand, there are genuine candidates who have proven their  leadership qualities campaigning on whatever scraps they can scoop out of their pockets and who have Motu-Koitabu’s survival in their hearts. 

These are the people we should be voting for. 

I commend the out-going Motu-Koitabu chairman for blowing the whistle on questionable practises by exposing photocopies from the originals, the chaff from the wheat and the fighters from the followers in this current LLG elections. 


Tau Maorona

Via email