Vote for leaders who love justice


THE people of Papua New Guinea have been longing and looking for justice leadership for the last 40 years.
Only two or three leaders who truly love justice are struggling to restore and protect justice, but to no avail.
Almost all parliamentarians love money more than justice.
They continue to lust after desires of the flesh and cannot lead from the front.
We know that leaders are divinely assigned to be the shepherds of their people.
Instead, they continue to abuse the people’s office and the leadership roles bestowed upon them through the ballot papers every five years.
They knowingly mislead their people to slavery and guide to live in bondage.
Their primary role of serving the people’s basic needs disappears when they enter the house of the people.
The law and the leadership code for the elected leaders is seen to be shelved under the cupboard collecting dust.
MPs’ first priority appears to be accumulating wealth for themselves.
Where is justice?
The law enforcement agencies and the heads of statutory bodies are either compromised or threatened to stand up against such wrongdoings.
These key sectors are very well aware of this corrupt strategy, but they cannot come out and speak the truth because they are afraid of losing their jobs.
The time to elect leaders to lead us for the next five years is just around the corner, so the citizens of this country should stand firm and elect leaders who love justice more than money.

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