Vote for leaders who have the good quality


AS our country journeys through the polling period, I would like us to ponder who will be a suitably qualify prime minister.
On that note , I would like to draw the curtain back to the famous book of all time the Bible that can be used to guide us to vote our PM and respective leaders.
One of the greatest leaders of all time in the Bible is Joseph (Gen 37-47).
There are some qualities that make Joseph became the finest and outstanding during his tenure.
These qualities can help us as we search for our Leader.
Joseph was accountable and transparent, a law abiding citizen, a God fearing man, a compassionate and visionary leader.
These are the qualities that made Joseph became the finest and outstanding leader that much can be learnt from his life as the prime minister of Egypt back then.
May we consider the qualities outlined above in the greatest book of all time to vote for someone with such qualities.

Willie Siso

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