Vote out current PM


WITH a possible vote of no-confidence in Parliament being considered by the Opposition to be moved, our people in the nation have differing views on that matter.
Some think Prime Minister Peter O’Neill with his ruling PNC Party and their coalition partners should remain in power.
Others feel that O’Neill is incompetent and must be removed from the PM’s post.
They feel he should be replaced by someone more capable in these very-turbulent times where our country continues to struggle economically.
Other citizens do not care who is prime minister. I side with the second group.
I want a new prime minister.
Peter O’Neill must be changed.
Whether the new prime minister will be Sir Mekere Morauta or Dr Alan Marat or Kerenge Kua in the Opposition, or Sam Basil, Sir Peter Ipatas or even William Duma in the current Government coalition, is immaterial at the moment.
Financially, we are cash-strapped and had a Forex problem for years.
Even teachers were having their pay cut across the board, the first time for such things to happen in the history of our nation.
Our Government-run universities are run down and lack up-to-date resources like textbooks.
Hospitals and health centres are facing drug shortages.
We still have not bought a radio therapy machine for our cancer patients in our referral hospitals in Lae and Port Moresby – and the cancer patients are dying.
We cannot allow all these to continue.
All you MPs should remember that you were given the mandate by your voters to make the right decisions to move our nation forward.
If you make a bad decision, your people and family will suffer.
If you make a good decision, your people and family will be blessed.

PNG Patriot