Vote responsibly, women tell leaders

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

Women leaders have called on members of Parliament to vote responsibly on the vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill this Friday.
National Capital District Women’s Council leader Maria Andrew and leader of Widows and Deserted Wives Association Cathy Tom made the call following the Supreme Court’s order for Speaker to recall parliament and entertain the vote of no confidence.
“We are now calling on all members of parliament to vote responsibly in this Friday’s vote of no confidence,” Tom said.
She said they were expressing what many women leaders around the country were feeling that the office of the Prime Minister belongs to the people of Papua New Guinea and must not be dragged into disrepute.
These women leaders mainly from the Southern Region also made a call on their regional members to seek audience with their people and vote as representatives of the people.
Andrew said for far too long, their Papuan MPs have carried the briefcases of other leaders.