Vote right person for Moresby North West


WE need tangible developments in Moresby North West.
The district’s development, since Independence, have been hindered because unqualified, uneducated, self-centered, incompetent and incapable people have been occupying the office.
We are continuing to elect these type of leaders.
We, the voters, are showing other people and the world how unqualified, uneducated, self-centered, incompetent and incapable we are.
I think the Government should come up with a law to screen people well before allowing them to run for office.
The Government should gather information about education, employment experience, standing in community and values of intending candidates.
We want candidates to prove to citizens that they are qualified and eligible.
For example; if I’m a candidate, no one knows what I do except my family.
I might be a conman or a beggar on the street but if I can convince people, I can easily win and deny someone much better than me the opportunity to lead people.
See my point?
So for Moresby North West by-election, please think carefully before voting.

Jerry Marai,

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