Vote right, save PNG


THE looming vote-of-no-confidence (VONC) is drawing near.
At such junctures, it calls for sound judgment and reasoning from our elected MPs.
Money, position and power must all be cast aside.
Let the social interest and economic welfare of the people come first. Good-thinking MPs on both sides of the house must now come together during this VONC.
Save this wonderful country or else we are definitely heading into another Sudan or Somalia in northern Africa. Do not be fooled and lured by the promise of PSIPs, DSIPs and certain key projects.
You are becoming victims of a cargo-cult type leadership.
Every elected MP is automatically entitled to receive his or her SIPs and projects based on needs.
This regardless of whether you’re in Opposition or Government, because you are carrying the names and faces of thousands of people in your province and electorates.
It’s time you stand up and be the Iambakeys, Somares, Momises, and Abaijahs of today.
Fight for what is right and correct for your people when all is going wrong under the current regime.

Freddy Gigs