Vote someone else for Abau


WHAT a shame to the people of Abau who always vote for Sir Puka Temu even though you know that he is not suitable for the job.
Without considering other better candidates, Sir Puka is always voted in as Abau MP.
This shows how ignorant and careless voters are in Abau.
Sir Puka is serving his fourth term in office.
He has occupied the office for 20 years but the development trend in the district does not reflect the lengthy term he had in office.
That is miserable.
It is hard to understand that some MPs from other provinces have the courtesy to support and bring necessary development to their districts and local level governments, which are located faraway from towns and cities when Abau, which is just four hours’ drive from Port Moresby, is still lacking basic services such as proper roads, health and education facilities.
Even the Kupiano Station is run down.
Please vote a good leader in the next election, don’t vote for someone who serves himself.

Wapiga Melona
Frustrated Observer

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