Vote transparent leaders, says Muliap

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The National, Monday July 1st, 2013


AN intending candidate for Usino local level government presidency against deputy governor Bob Wati is calling for people to vote for transparent and good leadership.

Bill Muliap, whose father Tom was a former MP of the Ramu area, said the Usino LLG council had for the past two years never conducted any council election.

Muliap said the council claimed it had no money to run quarterly meetings and that Wati had never once convened a meeting based only in Madang town.

“Wati has never brought any service to this part of the area. There is no good leadership and in the past five years there has never been any meeting with ward councillors of the 38 wards he supposed to represent,” he said.

The Dumpu Kaigulan census division where Muliap comes from consists of seven wards that border the Kawar and Negiri mountains and which has never seen any change.

The only change that has passed through Kawar and Negiri is the upgrading of the roads by provincial works and new market stalls by former Usino Bundi MP Samson Kuli.

“There is no good leadership with a good working committee as Wati is busy acquiring women and huge debts in town that he has his plate full,” he said. 

“We are left in the dark. Now that must change as we are one of the electorates where a lot of gold, oil and gas are now being exposed to the outside. We need strong leadership who can focus on how we can change this electorate.”

Muliap said one of his goals would be to set up a proper working committee to bring about the desired changes and promote gender equality through forming a women’s association in Usino.