Vote wisely


The prime minister has confirmed that local level government elections will go ahead in April as scheduled.
It is my wish if all voters from Wewak Island LLG in Wewak district of East Sepik will come to an understanding to vote for a change of leadership.
To my fellow islanders, you need to pause, think before taking necessary steps in choosing councillors who will represent you in your respective wards for another five years.
Good councillors will then elect a good president.
Take heed that we are living in a very challenging time – no such thing as handouts.
It’s better to choose fitting leaders at ward level.
They will then pick one of the best among themselves to become the head of the LLG.
We need a leader or leaders who can at least bring some basic government services or initiate community-oriented projects to improve and change our people’s livelihood.
Wewak Island LLG is known as one of the least or non-performing LLGs in this country.
Our former presidents have done nothing and are not performing to the expected standard.
They don’t possess the ability to produce change.
They are incompetent and seen as a liability to the state.
Why I say this because presidents are on government payroll, unlike our ward councillors.
Do not waste your time and effort on those people who are trying to come around a second or third time again asking for your votes.
You have the right to assess before choosing a leader.
If you want a good president then you need to choose good councillors.
Assessing candidates is paramount before you cast your votes.. If a first-timer (new intending candidate) who wants to contest, you need to ask them why they are standing and what are their plans, aims, goals and visions are.
What really compels them to stand?
Have they done enough research, findings to ensure they have a fair idea of how things work from national, provincial to LLG or ward level?
Did any of them involve in any community work or organisation such as school, church, women’s and youth groups?
Have they been a community leader before?

Concerned Islander
East Sepik

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