Voters cautioned

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 09th November 2011

SOUTHERN Highlanders are being urged to screen leaders properly before electing them into parliament in the general election next year.
Chairman of the youth movement in Mendi, John Mombulu, said the province and country needed good leaders.
Mombulu said people were wrong to blame their leaders for not delivering.
He said to prevent such problems from happening, it was time people sat back and screened their leaders before voting.
He said people must not think about the short-term benefits like receiving goods and money and throwing away their votes.
Mombulu urged the people to forget the give-and-take mentality,
saying that it was corruption.
He said if they elected a leader in a corrupt way in the beginning, they would suffer in the long run.
He said next year’s general election was crucial and people needed to elect leaders on merit.