Voters cautioned

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ELIGIBLE voters in Chimbu have been challenged not too sell their democratic rights for money and food during the general election next year.
Provincial election manager Gore Kaupa issued the challenge during the closing of a two-day workshop for civil society organisations in the capital Kundiawa last week.
He said people had been selling their votes cheaply by accepting money and food stuff, especially lamb flaps, at campaign houses.
“That is why leaders with selfish motives are sometimes elected to parliament and people miss out on services,” Kaupa said.
He said Chimbu was one province that had excellent relations with civil society organisations (CSOs) which were very close to the people.
“We gave engaged CSOs to conduct awareness on the new family order listing (FOL) into the six districts to prepare the electoral rolls for next year’s election,” Kaupa said.
He thanked participants who attended the two-day training conducted at the provincial electoral office.
The training was conducted by Steven Willie Gary and Diana Uran from Bridges, a new CSO in Kundiawa.
Provincial election steering committee chairman Yayonga Bal commended the CSOs that chose to attend the training to support  awareness on the new family listing.
He said CSOs were in a better position to spread the message and help the Electoral Commission achieve its objectives.
“We need to have a fair and transparent election awareness is very important for the people to understand how the family listing works,” Bal said.