Voters must be aware of tactics


Papua New Guinean voters must, by now, know the political tactics of MPs and political parties contesting next year’s National General Election.
Ever since PNG gained independence, any sitting Government always used their last term in office budget allocation to campaign and this will continue whereby Government and MPs from both side of Parliament will use the public investment project (PIP), provincial support improvement programme (PSIP) and district support improvement (DSIP) funds as campaign materials to win votes and return to power.
Many governments promised development projects around the country would come to a stand still as the nation continued to run out of cash and scrape by with loans from overseas.
Come next year, Papua New Guineans will again witness Government and Opposition MPs and political parties promise service delivery and ribbon-cutting ceremonies, we’ll see them dish out cash and goods in public, but does all this amount to bribery and buying votes?
My suggestion is that the Ombudsman Commission be empowered by an Act to stop current MPs from accessing any public funds three months before the governor-general issues the writs for election and direct all banks to stop MPs having access to PIP, PSIP and DSIP funds until after the election and a new government is formed and in office.
PNG, as a developing nation, must put a stop to corruption, mismanagement and bribery during campaigns.
Many times our political leaders and political parties, as well as many ordinary Papua New Guineans, preach about a fair and honest election, yet we continue to do the opposite.
I am certain our voters throughout the entire 89 district of PNG have seen and can judge the performances of their respective MPs long enough to make their final choices on their ballots next year.
PNG will only prosper and move further under a good political party and leadership of a God-fearing prime minister and MPs, followed by honest public service bureaucrats who put God and country first.
This nation is so blessed with all forms of natural resources, yet we remain undeveloped due to bad financial managements.
Let us all, as concerned citizens, keep praying and hoping that the formation of a new government after next year’s elections will being change for the better.

Samson C Napo
Former Bulolo MP