Wabag diocese declares new auxiliary bishop


WABAG Catholic diocese Bishop Arnold Arowae has urged new auxiliary Bishop Justin Ain Soongie to proclaim Christ in his duties.
Bishop Soongie was consecrated by Bishop Arowae, Mt Hagen diocese Archbishop Douglas Young and Mendi diocese Bishop Donald Lippert in Wabag, Enga, last week.
In his homily, Bishop Arowae spoke on the power to make a choice.
“If our focus is Jesus the Way and the Life, then we will choose Jesus,” he said in his encouragement to the new bishop. “Once the choice is made, we go out to speak and proclaim Christ.”
Bishop Soongie will be the pastoral coordinator for the diocese of Wabag. He will work with the outreach laity programmes.
The focus is to make Jesus and the Catholic faith known far and wide and bring back the lost sheep.
He will also assist Bishop Arowae in his episcopal responsibilities in the diocese and make himself available for the needs of the wider ecclesial community.