Wabag launches education policy

National, Normal

ENGA province’s Wabag is the first district in the country to launch an education policy to make its 22 schools become self-reliant.
Wabag Open MP and Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Abal launched the policy in Birip Primary School last Friday.
Under the policy, the joint district planning and joint budget priority committee allocated K2.5 million to help schools in the district this year.
Mr Abal said the money would be given to schools to build infrastructure like classrooms, teachers houses, buy new desks and books.
However, he said, before the money could be drawn down, the schools would have to come up with proposals on the projects they wanted to initiate.
“For accountability and transparency purposes, two district education officers and a headmaster and board member would sign before the funds could be released.
“There will not be any political interference in the manner in which the money would be use.
“The headmasters and school boards must strictly control the money and use it for the purpose it is given for,” he said.
He said the funds he had allocated would be controlled by his officers and respective schools to ensure that the money given out was put into good use for specific projects.
Mr Abal also commended the people for maintaining peace in the past 18 months, with zero tribal fight.