Wafi-Golpu selling idea deep-sea tailing project safe


THE awareness on deep-sea tailing placement (DSTP) by the Wafi-Golpu Joint Venture team provided vital information for the people, says Labuta Local Level Government president Tups Waho.
Waho of Nawaeb district in Morobe said the awareness had been allowing people share their views on the project.
“The future of Labuta lies in the five-year development plan which must be captured in the proposed mining development plan,” Waho said.
“Two of the important impact projects covered in the five-year development plan are fisheries and eco-tourism because ward one to ward 13 are in the coast.
“There are a lot of fishing communities, and many locals use fishing as the means to generate income, and as a protein for their food.”
Labuta said people were still concerned about chemicals from the DSTP which might harm them.
DSTP engagement leader Andy Maie told Talec villagers tailings would only be harmful once it came into contact with air. “Our two-year study show that the deep-sea in the Huon Gulf peninsula is suitable for the proposed tailings displacement at depths of more than 200 metres,” he said.
“There is no risk of current upwelling and no fish life living beyond that 200-metre depth,” he said.
“The discharge will flow into the Markham canyon, to join the sediment discharge from the Markham and Busu rivers that flow towards the 9km deep New Britain trench.
“There are plans for monitoring stations to assess the sediment flows from rivers, monitoring of the ocean currents, fish sampling, water quality, and other studies.”


  • Fake News
    Pity JV Team haven’t got TVs to watch ‘Blue Planet and many other documetarie showing teaming marine life from surface down to deepest depth of every ocean
    Disgusting to allow spivs to talk such rubbish advice
    Citizens of Kapit Bay near Lihir gold mine area were told not eat any shell fish and that was in 1999 after only two years of mining.
    You can see a discloured plume of pollution in any aerial picture of the ocean where Lihir dumps it poisonous waste in a similar submarine tailing system

  • All technical and engineering designs, details and information must be made available for all Morobean’s to see, know and understand fully before the proper MOU should be agreed upon.
    For a handful of people to come around and running awareness in geological, engineering and scientific terms are a very shallow approach. Appoint a time for engineers, geologist, economists, accountants, Tradesman & women and the people from all walks of life for a public forum for their inputs as well.
    Lots of Morobean’s the know how and experiences in the world, and can help to drive this awareness honestly and transparently. Wafi Golpu – don’t overlook and undermine these professionals.

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