Wagambie: Police need God

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The National – Thursday, June 30, 2011

POLICE Commissioner Tony Wagambie has plans to make the Royal PNG Constabulary one of the best in the region.
Wagambie said during the police “Chaplain Conference 2011” that he needed the help of the chaplains as servants of God to achieve this dream.
“I have dreams and visions of making this police service one of the best in the Pacific if not the world, but I need your help and commitment,” Wagambie said.
“I need God in the heart and minds of my policemen and women to make PNG a safe and secure country.”
Wagambie said as a first move towards that plan he has come down hard on “undisciplined, abusive, corrupt and under-performing policemen and women.”
He said he planned to improve discipline, command and control, and the level of policing services to the people PNG.
“Our people deserve better, and we have a moral obligation to provide them with quality policing services.”
Wagambie told the chaplains that they could assist a great deal in helping him achieve this vision.
“The fear of being charged (for their action) will make policemen and women behave some of the time but not all the time.”
He said if policemen and women have the fear of God in them, they would serve the country honestly and with discipline.
He said he could not see many officers going to church and challenged the chaplains to visit them in their homes and see if they had any problems.
The chaplain conference is for four days and will cover different aspects of the work of police chaplaincy.