Wagambie: I am ready to respond

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Senior police officer Tony Wagambie, who has been denied from taking office as the acting deputy police commissioner after winning a court battle, said he was prepared to respond to the seven disciplinary charges imposed on him by Police Commissioner Gari Baki. 
The charges were prepared in October last year, but were served on him shortly after he won the court battle last month.
He had questioned the serving of the charges, saying that they should have been issued straight after it was prepared but was prolonged and served on him until he won the court battle that ordered his reinstatement as the acting deputy commissioner of police.
Mr Wagambie said he was given 14 days to respond to the charges and would soon respond to them after finalising some of the responses.
He said he had also instituted contempt of court proceedings against Mr Baki for not complying with court orders that ordered his reinstatement and the matter was still pending in court.
“Each time Mr Baki failed to endorse the court orders, it amounts to contempt of court,” he said.