Wages of sin is death


UNNECESSARY confrontations and deaths would not have happened if the five young men from Madang engaged themselves in meaningful activities in their society, village or settlements.
The long arms of the law eventually caught up with them as per media reports along the Madang highway.
Robbery along the highway has caused fear among the travelling Papua New Guineans who visit Madang for various businesses.
These illegitimate activities have tarnished the good name of Madang and the peace loving people of the province.
This beautiful province has one of the top university in the country (Divine Word University) together with Madang Teachers College, Madang Technical College, Lutheran School of Nursing, PNG Maritime College and other businesses accommodating students, academics and people from various parts of Papua New Guinea and throughout the world.
They co-exist with Madang locals.
Practices such as cult and robbery are not healthy for the people and the province and only lead to regression and hindrance to development.
Money and goods confiscated from the travelling public is not of value to the robbers and they live unsatisfactory during their life span.
It’s not worth it staying on the highway geared with arms.
If you are one of those that escaped death, direct your life to Our Living God and engage in proper living.

Jack Kukiwa,
Lae – Wando

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