Waghi leader urges factions to pass women’bill

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 11th January 2012

UPNG Journalism student

A WOMEN leader in North Waghi, Jiwaka, has called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and the Somare faction to put aside their differences and pass the women’s bill.
Former member of the Western Highlands provincial government and the Kimil Women’s Association president Maria Mek said that they should bury their differences and contribute numbers in the coming parliament session to pass the women’s 22 reserved seats.
She said that women are watching to see positive results from the government and the opposition when the parliament convenes on Jan 17.
“We know that the 22 reserve seats were the brainchild of the Somare government and the O’Neill regime is trying to complete what he has left behind,” she said.
“Michael Somare and his group should assist O’Neill to finish off what they had started.
She said that women can bring positive changes by working along with their male counterparts and to see that really happening needs the 22 reserved seat bill must be passed so that they can actively participate politically to be agents of change.
Mek said women’s right to  political participation had been denied over the years and now  is the time to recognise them and involve them in politics.
Both the government and the opposition must come together to make reality what they have initiated, she added.
“Women in the country will be happy to hear and see our leaders making critical moves to pass this historic bill giving greater chance to women to involve in politics,” she said.
She said God would give them peace and understanding before next week’s parliament sitting and urged women and Christians to pray for success.