Waghi locals urge govt to repair bridge

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 28th May 2013


PEOPLE living along the Waghi River near Mt Hagen are worried about the depleted state of the bridge they have to cross to reach the city.

The timbers are worn out creating big holes on the surface making it very dangerous to use. 

The bridge was built by Australian soldiers before Independence.

Vehicles cannot use the bridge because of the holes on the surface.

Baisu Primary School teacher Amos Kopen said most of the students were from Waghi and used the bridge daily.

He urged the Government to get it fixed for the sake of the children.

Eliti and Pinambe community leader Tepi Duma said the bridge was used by more than 7,000 people including students living along Waghi River.

Duma said they had requested the Western Highlands provincial government to rebuild or repair the bridge but they said it was the responsibility of the national government.

He said the road was part of the old highway which linked Avi market and Confarm Bark.

He also appeals to the local MP William Duma and Western Highlands Governor Paias Wingti to assist in building a new bridge.