Waigani fat cats getting very fat

Letters, Normal

I NOTE with apprehension the current spending spree by our Government in the name of supporting the PNG LNG Project in anticipation of the project selling it’s first LNG cargo in early 2014.
Hundreds of million are spent in the name of supporting activities related to the PNG LNG Project but whether all these funds are used transparently and for the purposes intended for is worrying.
In respect to MOA project funds in petroleum project areas, millions are also paid annually but tangible infrastructure projects are not happening on the ground in the designated districts and communities.
MOA projects funds are for infrastructure projects and therefore should be paid to contractors who won contracts, through proper and legal processes, such as bidding through the Central Supply and Tenders Board arrangement. This is not the case at the moment.
Instead, these MOA funds are paid to individuals. In almost all cases, 100% of a project value amount is paid up-front to individuals with no checks and balances enforced by the paying entity, especially by the Treasury and National Planning departments.
MOA project funding is in fact a “scheme to steal”, hence a big illusion about development.


North Magaile,
via email