Wait for K200,000 relief funds in vain

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THE National Disaster Centre (NDC) is still waiting for more than K200,000 in disaster relief funds from the Gulf provincial government to help victims of the rain-battered areas in remote Kaintiba and Kotidanga.
NDC acting director Martin Mose said despite reports of the disaster caused by heavy rains in the two districts, NDC had yet to provide the funds to help affected villagers because provincial officers had yet to release the funds approved in September last year.
“It is sad the people in Kaintiba and Kotidanga are suffering but there is nothing we can do now but wait,” Mr Mose said.
“I have received official reports from the provincial disaster coordinator but many things are not going right with the administration.
“Until now, we do not know how the funds are to be used and for what. This is a matter of concern and the provincial authorities should be accountable and responsible in releasing the funds to the victims as quickly as possible,” he added.