Waiting for more education

Letters, Normal

THERE  are no roads connecting the 16 Koiari villages with Port Moresby to allow parents to bring their garden produce to sell at the market to earn school fees for their children.
The airlines only service four villages so many parents and children have given up pursuing higher education because they cannot afford it.
In my time as an educationist, we had two agency primary schools and four state primary schools but due to the remoteness and isolation one agency and three state schools closed.
This has created a 15 year gap with illiterate people.
Currently, we have two primary schools and four elementary schools.
The two primary schools are day schools and cannot take boarding students.
They are along the Kokoda Track corridor and they serve only four villages while the other 12 village children are left out of education.
Can a concrete plan be put in place for Mt Koiari children so that we can produce PhD holders and specialists in all disciplines?


Koiari Natuna,
Boroko, NCD