Waiting in suspense


MANY elementary school teachers in Eastern Highlands are continuing to wait in suspense for their certificates of elementary teaching certificates from the PNG Education Institute.
The PNGEI continues to ignore teachers’ requests for these vital transcripts to be printed and dispersed to teachers.
Some of these teachers are pioneers and are still waiting.
Decades have gone and nothing tangible has eventuated.
Whichever officer or whatever section responsible for processing of these certificates must think seriously about addressing this issue.
With latest changes to the education system, elementary teachers need to upgrade their qualifications.
How on earth will a teacher upgrade if that vital transcript is not in place?
I am one of the victims.
Is it not our right to be given that certificate upon completion of the required training and such?
It is PNGEI which has to come out and explain.
We cannot just sit around and be treated like a bunch of fools.
Treat us right please.


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