Wake up call for believers

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 CHRISTIANS around the country are calling on all Papua New Guineans to wake up and be aware of the dangers around them.

The call came from church leaders who attended a forum at the Reverend Sioni Kami Memorial Church last week.

Rev Joseph Walters from the Assemblies of God and the chairman of the combined church organising community  addressed more than 3,000 people.

He said the churches in Papua New Guinea had been silent for a long time.

“This country is at a stage where we are exposed to powers and sources more powerful than human capabilities that are affecting the management of the country,” he said.

“We cannot do it on our own ,therefore we need the guidance of the Almighty Lord.”

He urged the churches and stakeholders to rise and stand together in the fight to rescue the nation before it is lost to the “enemy”.

The gathering was a continuation from a forum held earlier at Parliament House where church leaders addressed a number of pressing issues such as same sex marriage, nightclubs and alcoholism, endemic corruption, prostitution and abortion.

The forum on Saturday focused on culture, Christianity and national identity.