Wake up Menyamya


THE level of services and development in a district reflects the type of leader it has.
For Aseki-Menyamya, the degrading state of the essential services and development truly reflects a lack of vision by local MP Benjamin Philip.
It shows the lack of good advice from the district development authority.
The recent by-election coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic may not be the reason for not delivering but it should not be the excuse.
There is lack of vision and leadership from the people in authority.
The high rate of transportation costs, the recent in-human act by the police station commander who removed the clothes of two suspected marijuana users or traffickers, the vicious cycle of feeding from the district purse through false claims, awarding of contracts to sub-standard contracts and consultants and the under-equipped and under-staffed district hospital are some of the issues that currently affecting the district.
Leaders should align their plans and visions for the district with the Morobe Kundu Vision 2045, the medium term development plan 3 (2018-2022), Papua New Guinea’s Vision 2050 and the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.
It is time to revive the district administration.
Let’s keep up with developments in the 21st Century.

Vinson Dopenuoc Silas,

One thought on “Wake up Menyamya

  • I do join in the voice. This local MP Hon Benjamin Philip is an unpopular MP yet a long time MP.

    He has no vision for his people. He lost his plot to substandard self proclaimed advisers who only paralyze and cripple him so that he doesn’t move even his leg.

    So sad for poorly developed Menyamya district. Menyamya needs young and visionary leaders.

    Enough is enough.

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