Walking the paths of ordinary people


I am writing on behalf of our population in this country who have been suffering ever since Papua New Guinea received independence in 1975.
How many of our leaders have really walked the mountain ranges of their electorates? How many have really felt the pain of crossing rivers without bridges?
How many have actually walked the long distance between villages and the nearest aid posts?
People of PNG, only if your leaders actually walk like you, will they know your real pain and give you the much-needed services.
I am so upset that this trend has been for so long.
If you are a leader who has been sleeping well, eating well and has not been feeling much pain in your term as a leader, you’d better question yourself if you are really fit to serve your dying population.
Many leaders of this country take leadership for granted.
They have intentions other than that of actually serving the people.
It saddens me to note the fact that many people of PNG only votes for their leaders, but not once have they met them.
Many of our leaders nowadays are known to be travelling on flashy cars escorted by guards.
How will you leaders know the actual needs of your people if you are heavily guarded and travelling in flashy cars?
We need more leaders who will walk the paths of the ordinary people, who will actually feel more pain than that of their people.

Glen Burua
Divine Word University

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