Wampar landowners told to get land titles before leasing


WAMPAR landowners living along Yalu Bridge to Nadzab in Huon Gulf, Morobe were told to be mindful when accepting people to acquire land for developmental purposes and settlements.
Huon Gulf district chief executive Moses Wanga told the people never to be tempted with bribery to sell their birthrights.
Instead, ensure proper land-acquiring procedures are followed by involving government agencies in district, local level government, land mediators and provincial lands division for proper survey, incorporated land group (ILG) and titles obtained before leasing.
Wanga said this during the opening of han-paus (wallet) market along the gateway to Nadzab Airport witnessed by Nawaeb MP Kenny Wenge, provincial police commander Alex N’Drasal, Wampar manager Joe Paru and B&F Ltd owner Jason Lin on Monday.
Lin spent K275,000 to build the market in partnership with Orognaron landowner chief Michael Maliaki.
Wanga said the expansion of Lae city towards Nadzab Airport including Nadzab Township development required proper planning of roads, electricity, water, sanitation, public parks and waste disposal areas.
Wanga invited banking services to Nadzab due to increase in populations.
N’Drasal said this (market and supermarket) was the beginning of many changes and developments taking place.
N’Drasal assured to discuss with Huon Gulf district authority for the proposed police post which land was available for drugs, homebrew, liquor trading and other crimes could be reduced.

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