Wampe: Give Nigi respect he deserves

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The National, Monday 17th June 2013


CHIMBU provincial police commander Supt Augustine Wampe has called for due respect to be accorded to his Jiwaka colleague Supt Simon Nigi who died in a road accident last week.

“To lose a committed career policeman who gave his prime life to the force and the State is indeed a sad moment and responsible authorities, including the Government, must give him the respect he deserved,” he said.

“I am so saddened that we lost a good policeman and also sympathise with the family who lost a dear father and husband,” he said.

Wampe, who led a large delegation of Chimbu policemen and women with food stuff and cash, also called for a credible investigation to be conducted into the cause of the accident.

Acting Jiwaka provincial police commander Billy Kombel thanked Wampe for being the first to visit the haus krai.

He said Jiwaka is a new province still at an infant stage and needed help of “bigger brothers” such as Chimbu and Western Highlands provinces.

“We are grateful for your kind gesture to visit us at this time of sorrow, but  your coming demonstrates your commitment to combat law and order in both Chimbu and Jiwaka provinces,” he said.

Acting Jiwaka administrator Tokana Hasavi described late Nigi as a dedicated officer who worked hard to provide law and order to more than 30,000 people of Jiwaka with a small police manpower.

He said Nigi’s death was a great loss to his family and the people of Jiwaka. 

He said the administration will fly Nigi’s body to East Sepik for burial.