We want to see development


FORTY-TWO years of independence celebrations have come and gone in Rigo.
Looking back to yesteryear, and evaluating see our progress, we have very little to be proud of.
Those who represented us in Parliament might have had visions.
However, they completely failed to provide the necessary philosophical drive for proper development that should have been experienced by everyone.
Kwikila Town, for example, is less than an hour’s drive from the capital city of Port Moresby.
It does not have proper structural infrastructure in place such as sanitary engineering.
This is apart from other developments just not happening.
There is nothing to be seen and to be proud off to showcase our district to visitors.
Rigo MP Lekwa Gure says infrastructure development like improving the market to stop vendors going to city markets in Port Moresby are in the pipeline.
For the MP to work out of Kwikila is good news and a relief.
Rigo has produced brilliant, educated individual men and women who can direct and are able to drive our economy and infrastructure.
My appeal to the MP is to identify individuals on merits.
Another very-important aspect is they are able to negotiate with donor agencies for the betterment of our people.
We want to see tangible development.
The time for favoritism and individual handout mentality practiced year-in year-out by past leaders must not be entertained.
The Rigo MP also said he is in the process of strategising his five-year development plan.
It is worth noting that our three Rigo LLGs for Coastal, Central and Inland have untapped tourism potential.
Rigo Inland, for instance, has natural virgin forests and wild habitats.
Bird watching, bushwalking and rafting down rivers can bring revenue to the people.
Road rehabilitation and network systems must be critically addressed first.
Water woes are also experienced by our three LLGs.
Rigo Central and Coastal villages are greatly affected during dry seasons.
Drinking from wells brings health risks.
Water infrastructure is most likely the best solution to this problem.
I suggest building a dam to store and supply water to the villages be included in the development plan.

Eileen Gini Kwalimu
Binagoro village
Rigo Inland