Wapenamanda students in mourning

Letters, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 26, 2011

 I WANT air my concern and grievance over the UPNG final year social work student Benny Bero Wia who was killed last Friday at Chuave district in Chimbu.

He was travelling with his tribesmen and women to pay for a bride price ceremony in Chimbu.

The killing came after the Wapenamanda people were on the way to the woman’s village.

There was a road block along the way, by Chimbu people with all armed with guns, bush knifes and axes.

Wia lost his life at the hands of Chimbu on a foreign land and many of the relatives received gun and bush knife wounds.

This is an animalistic act by the people of Chimbu who took a life of a young, upcoming leader. 

The people of Wapenamanda were there to invest in their province in terms of pigs, money, cassowary and other food products. 

Why the people of Chimbu kill such a young intellectual? We, the students of Wapenamanda from UPNG, are still waiting for the reasons for such a murder.

As president of Wapenamanda Students Association of UPNG, I am appealing to the people and the leaders of Chimbu to explain the unexpected murder immediately to the people of Wapenamanda.

This is a lawless act and I want the public to be informed that such animalistic act will only contribute towards a sick, filthy and unsafe society in Chimbu. 

Wapenamanda is a resource-less district and we depend entiredly on integral human resources development. 

Kas oh! Opata Degree nyibuali, Kailyamba Kondo Piyumu pupe.



Taskin Kaingi



Studens Association