Wapi’s war past dug up!

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JIMMY Wapi, a resident of 4-Mile in Lae, has been living with a World War II secret for the past 15 years.
Wapi’s secret past was dug up, literally, last week.
In the early 1990s, when Wapi, a father of nine, was trying to build a permanent home at his block, he stumbled onto the fuselage, wings and tail of what he believed was a wartime plane.
Fearing that the authorities might evict him and declare his block a National Cultural property, he quickly built over the wreck and lived uneasily with that secret for 15 years, until last Friday when he asked workmen Aesi Kama and Steven Joseph to dig a drain outside his yard.
In the process, the two unearthed the plane’s propeller and Mr Wapi decided it was time to tell the authorities what else laid buried in his block of land.
It is not known what type of aircraft it is but it is about 6m in length. A fully-loaded pistol, apparently well preserved, was also found close to the propeller.