War relics found in Sogeri valley

National, Normal


WAR relics believed to belong to Allied forces, mainly the US soldiers, were dug up at Saiwara in Sogeri valley near Port Moresby by settlers during the Independence Day last Thursday.
The settlers, mostly from Chimbu and Eastern Highlands, said they were digging the ground when they found the war relics next to the wartime airfield used by the Allied forces.
The names on the tags and the spoons were believed to be of US senior military officers who were actively fighting to stop the advancement of the Japanese forces from capturing Port Moresby during World War II.
Two of the name tags found had the names J Deason and his military number was 36049512T42, MSS Deason from St Louis, Illinois, while the inscription on the others were hard to make out.
Three of the two spoons found were believed to be used by two officers had the names Dawson Bham Lt – 1941 and Dibsy MS – 1941.
Among some of the items were 18 live hand bombs, a number of live bullets and long and short range rifles  believed to be 303 rifles.
A full wine bottle was also found but dried out with just few millimeters of wine remaining and many other smaller containers and tools used by the soldiers.
The settlers – Yako Kenny, Mathew Wana, Bernard Peter and Titus Kagl – said two months ago, some soldiers came and retrieved a war chopper with some live ammunition.
They said there was a long tunnel used by the forces and they planned to explore the tunnels when they were equipped with torches and other necessary items to get into the tunnel.