Ward councilors need to be paid


I AM the councillor for Ward Six in the Waria local level government of Bulolo District, Morobe.
I have two suggestions for the national leaders to consider.
LLG councillors and national members are elected by the people at the same time.
The national leaders look after the money and live in towns and cities while the councillors remain at the village and suffer with the people.
They do the odd jobs that are supposed to be done by government officials such as doctors, teachers, village court officers and many more.
We are also mandated leaders and should be treated the same way as the national leaders.
From 2014 to today, we have not been paid our allowances.
If the national Government is unable to source the funds for that exercise, maybe the governors and open members should step in and help so all allowances are paid before the elections because not all councillors will return. Some will lose.

Daniel Dumoi
2-Time Councillor (Ward 6)
Waria, Morobe

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