Ward leader urges women into politics

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday 26th March 2013

 A FEMALE ward councilor in East New Britain has called on all women in the province to rise up and participate in politics.

Elizabeth Tamti, ward councillor of Taui ward in the Bitapaka local level government in the Kokopo district, said that since she was elected she has realised that women and children have been suffering more than men.

“As a woman and a ward councillor representing the people in my ward, I have found that women suffer more than men in all the wards in the province,” she said.

Tamti said being a ward councillor in her area for four years has given her the opportunity to see and feel the struggles of the people, adding, there are many outstanding issues that need to be addressed, however, that will require women to be active participants in the development of their respective wards.

“I urge more women to take up political roles. If you can manage your home, you can also be good political leaders.”

She told them that gender equality meant they have to participate in order to see more services and development reach them.

Taui ward is one of the areas in the Bitapaka LLG in Kokopo district that has been struggling to see government services reach them for years.