Ward recorders still not paid


CAN the Government and those in authority pay the ward recorders their allowances?
Unlike most ward members who have been receiving their allowances randomly since 2014, the ward recorders have received nothing despite a National Executive Council decision in 2014 authorising the payment of monthly allowances.
During a nationwide protest in June to boycott the LLG elections in August 2018, the Government gave its assurance that all the outstanding allowances of ward members, ward recorders, village court officials and peace officers will be paid before the LLG elections.
The ward recorders were forgotten.
In The National on Jan 10, an article under the heading “Councillors to receive K52m”, Director for Provincial and LLG Affairs Special Purpose Authority Lason Thomas said that K72 million in accumulated outstanding allowances was released by the Government in 2018. K20 million had been paid out at the end of last year, including K2000 to each ward member. The remaining K52 million would be used to settle the balance up to December 2018.
The ward members were paid over K2000 each in January and February this year but, again, the ward recorders got nothing.
Ward recorders are the eyes and ears of the Government at ward level. They provide the information needed for national planning purposes. Without them, the Government will not have the data and statistics it needs for its work.
Ward recorders should be given serious consideration because of the importance of their work.
They are still struggling to find money for their children’s school fees. Their children have a right to education just like anyone else.
Can the Government and the Department of Provincial and LLG Affairs say if the ward recorders will be paid their monthly allowances which have been outstanding since 2013?

Silent Observer